How to organize your life!

Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013

I don't know about you but I recognize ever and ever that I have to be more organized. I notice this when I forget a important appointment or I am in a shortage of time. So I have to admit that I am the obligatory "Chaos-Queen". And now I decided to do something against my inorganisation.
Maybe you are a kind of girl/boy like me and this post can help you. LOVE L.

1. Buy a planner
So many people just get their mobile phone and compile their memos. But I really like planners and I like to decorate them in a beautiful way. But the most time I want to use it but after a couple of months I forget my plan of being organized. But it's never to late to change it! And that's why I got my old planner again.


2. Start to make a to-do-list
This is very useful because I'm often in situations, when I can' remeber my plans for the day I made yesterday. You can use nice chalkboards, calendars, planners...or (like me) just a messy sheet of paper.  All you have to do is write your plans for the day down and pin your paper (or whatever...) somewehere you will defenitely notice it.

Use Apps on your phone
There are a lot of useful apps for you to be better organized. Just look in your app store after them. I'm sure there are also many free apps that you can test differnt ones.

 Do it now!
Don't wake long before you do smoething. If you do it now you can be more relaxed the rest of your day

 Write everything down
Write everything down. Whenever you have an important thought, remember something you don’t want to forget, or are reminded of something to do, write it down. This can be done in your planner or in another generalized notebook that you keep with you. Writing down your errant thoughts will not only remove them from your mind (and thus declutter your conscience), but also place them in a place that you can return back to later without forgetting.

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