Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Pink has never been a  questionless colour and it is effictive especially for girls. Some think it's just a colour for bimbos or barbies. But no! Also for your home is this colour the best idea ever!
Why not?! You can combine grey, black, white and etc.. to it and also little details in your garden, corridor or living room is a eye catcher, everyone will be jealous for. If you don't believe me yet: Just look at the pictures below and you will (sure) !!! LOVE YOU! L.

Pink has so many nuances! Try differnet ones! At this picture you can see the effects of the coral pink, which would make me very happy! Also the next example is one of my favorites! Here you can see how many some pink accesories can operate.

A old frontdoor can be easily spiced up with some pink colour. When you paint your walls in a adapted colour like grey or beige the effect will be as nice as on the pictures.
Where can I paint my walls pink? Where will it look nice? Which is the best room for pink?
My tip:There is really no definite answer... I just can give you an example with this picture, where you can see a pink painted corridor. This is (in my opinion) a great place, but not just in corridors: Paint your walls pink wherever you fell like.

And again a corridor above! This is lookinf very royal and glamourous if you ask me... Why? Because of the extream pink of the walls and the nice golden furnitures and decorations.
On the second picture you can see a second time a pink frontdoor. But this is more flashy than the first one. Yellow is a nice combination

This is no eye catcher, really not. But does everybody need one? Definitely not! A pink couch is very nice in combination with white walls and a vintage style... A chic livingroom can you see in the 2nd picture. It looks very nice and stylish.

Do I have to say again, that I love the idea of painting the frontdoor pink? Maybe not because I shew you 2 other example of having it at home.
Pink cushions - I love this example so much! The main point is maybe the bookcases at the walls and the old table, which give the whole room the nice atmosphere I fell in love with.

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